Respect for the Land

Respect for the Land

As part of our social responsibility, BelleHarvest constantly monitors water and soil conservation, biodiversity, and responsible use of crop management tools. We also work in cooperation with the Department of Environmental Quality and county health inspectors who assist us in overseeing these aspects.

BelleHarvest works to reduce and reuse packaging at every stage of our process, from packing facilities to retail shelf. We work with packaging partners to develop eco-friendly products. Whenever possible, we ship product in reusable plastic containers (RPCs). And though corrugated and poly packaging cannot be reused for sanitary reasons, BelleHarvest recycles all excess and scrap packaging.

Other sustainability efforts employed by BelleHarvest and our grower partners include:

• CHEP pallets
• Aerosol DPA
• Integrated Pest Management
• Trickle irrigation
• Soil moisture monitoring
• Wind machines
• Soil, leaf, and fruitlet analysis
• Smart sprayers