Let’s Talk Apples

Let’s Talk Apples

Apples aren’t part of our mix–they are our mix.

Apples are the number one tree fruit in Michigan by sales dollars. The apple sector of Michigan agriculture generates more than $800 million of economic activity annually.

Depending on the crop year, BelleHarvest accounts for well over one million packed bushels of apples annually. You can rely on us to provide you with a wide variety of Michigan apples for the entire season. We are continually upgrading our technology to assure that our apples keep fresh all year long. And with a nearly 99% customer acceptance rate, you can count on your customers loving them.

The attention to detail begins in the orchards where newer varieties such as Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Gala are being updated with advanced trellis and irrigation systems, with tree densities on average of 1,000 trees per acre. These new dwarf-growing trees typically come into production much more rapidly than older plantings, allowing us to bring newer varieties or strains to the market much more quickly.

BelleHarvest implements sourcing strategies to manage risk and ensure uninterrupted supply. Our growing areas are spread out from the Michigan/Indiana border all the way to the Leelanau Peninsula in northern lower Michigan.